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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about smartwatches. Click on the question to view the answer.

Yes, a smartwatch can work independently without a connection with a phone. However, there are many functions that will not work without being connected to a phone.  How to connect a smartwatch to a smartphone?

Yes, most (not all) smartwatches will connect to either an Android phone OR an iPhone.  But not both at the same time. How to connect a smartwatch to a smartphone?

Yes, a smartwatch can connect to the internet directly without a phone. But, first the internet connection must be setup on the watch via the phone. The watch will then remember how to connect to the internet when not connected to a phone. How to connect Smartwatch to WIFI?

Yes, you can listen to music via your connected phone or you can listen to music files downloaded directly to your watch. How to listen to music on a Smartwatch?

Yes, you can connect directly to YouTube via the internet and view videos on your watch. View YouTube on a Smartwatch.

Yes, only wireless Bluetooth headphones can be connected to a smartwatch using the Bluetooth connection. Connect Bluetooth Headphones to a Smartwatch.

Yes, many Bluetooth devices can be connected to a smartwatch including a phone, headphones, etc. How to connect Bluetooth to Smartwatch?

Yes, you can make calls and answer calls on your smartwatch. How to make a call on Smartwatch?

If your watch is connected to a phone through a Bluetooth connection, then Yes you can answer calls on your smartwatch. How to answer calls on my Smartwatch?

Your watch must be connected to a phone via a Bluetooth connection. Then you can send and receive text messages on your smartwatch. How to send text on a Smartwatch?

Yes, and there are several watch faces to choose from.  You can do it directly on your watch or from your connected phone. How to change the watch face on a Smartwatch?

Yes, if your watch and phone are connected via Bluetooth, then you can use your watch to find your phone. How to use your smartwatch to find your phone?

Yes, if your phone and smartwatch are connected with a Bluetooth connection, then you can use your phone to find your smartwatch. How to find my watch with my phone?

If your watch isn't already running WEAR OS, then you cannot upgrade to the newest version of WEAR OS. You cannot change your watch from using a Samsung OS to Wear OS, or from an Android OS to WEAR OS, etc.

Your watch must have a sensor to measure your heart rate. If it does, then follow the instructions on this post: How to Track Heart Rate on my watch?

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